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Faithful Families Resources September 23 2012

Weekly Inspiration
A wise person truly said, “It ought to be as impossible to forget that there is a Christian in the house as it is to forget that there is a ten-year-old boy in it.”
~ Roger J. Squire

Family Closeness
A family member must talk on a topic for one minute (20-30 seconds for younger ones) without repeating a word (words like “and” “the” are okay), going off track or pausing. What they say doesn’t have to be true but it must stay related to the topic chosen. Try to pick topics that members will know at least something about, but it could be anything at all like dogs, balloons, Wednesday, being happy, you name it.

Questions for stimulating discussion in your family.

Opposite Sharing
Brooklyn Lindsey in Opposite Day presents the idea of talking in opposites as a way of helping young people share. In essence this means answering a question the opposite of what you really think.

Get your family member to tell you in one or two sentences what they really think and feel about:
  • Tests
  • Eating vegetables
  • Good friends 

With your family read Mark 9.38-41
(for a way of explaining/talking about this reading with children look at
Questions for Discussion:
  • Why did John want to stop the person casting out demons?
  • What did Jesus have to say about this?
  • What does “Whoever is not against us is for us” mean? 

Prayer and Celebration
Pray a Colour
Giving thanks to God is one of the most basic and important forms of prayer. It reminds us that all we have is a gift from God. Choose a colour and invite your family to give thanks to God for everything they can think of that is that colour. Take turns around the table until you can think of nothing else.

Family Time
Photograph Night
Get a new roll of film and take your family on an adventure. Make a list of photos they must take at particular places and go out and get them. Eg. photo with a policeman, a funny photo, a photo with at least two animals.

(This material is based on and draws from earlier Faithful Families emails by Stephen Harrison & Richard Browning: An Unless Ideas Production.) Unless otherwise noted all material on this blog is copyright Stephen Harrison and Richard Browning

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