Sunday, March 20, 2016

Faithful Families Resources March 20 2016

As we begin Holy Week we provide you with a slightly different format for faithful families.

Easter is a time to celebrate in a huge way the message of life resurrected, of new life, of Jesus setting us free. We encourage you to celebrate well, to use the resources available to make Easter day special and memorable. To use symbols wisely and to help your children understand why chocolate Easter eggs (egg: symbol of new life/half an Easter egg is like an empty tomb). More importantly we invite you to tell the story well. This email does not provide you with games or stories but with a way of telling the story well in your household leading into this most special of days.

 One of the ways we might be faithful with our family is by telling the story of Easter really well. This might include dressing up and acting out the story or using some props as symbols to recall different events, it might include music and action. You might like to set up some stations in your house on Friday or Saturday and make signs with the days of the week, leave the different symbols in the different locations.

Alternatively you might like to read the various portions of scripture that recount the last week of Jesus life leading up to Good Friday and East.

Here are some signposts for telling the story well in your household.

Day: Sunday before Easter
Jesus enters Jerusalem and people wave palm leaves to welcome him like a king.
Reading: Matthew 21.1-9
Symbol: Palm Leaves:
Question: What does it feel like when you are a winner or a champion? How do you think Jesus felt as he entered Jerusalem?

Day: Monday
Jesus turns the tables in the temple.
Reading: Matthew 21.12-17
Symbol: Whip made of cords.
Question: What things make you angry? Is it okay to be angry sometimes? Why was Jesus angry?

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty silver coins.
Reading: Mark 14.10-11.
Symbol: Bag of Coins.
Question: What does it feel like when your friends let you down? How do you think Jesus felt knowing Judas would betray him and his friends would run away from him.

Day: Maundy Thursday
Jesus shares a meal with friends, washes their feet.
Reading: John 13.1-10, Matthew 26.17-30
Symbol: Bowl and Towel. Bread and Wine.
Question: What is special about eating with friends? What does it mean to be a servant to your friends? Why do you think Jesus washed his disciples’ feet?

Day: Good Friday
Jesus dies on a cross.
Reading: Matthew 27.15-60
Symbol: Nails. Crown of Thorns. Cross. Hot Cross Buns.
Why is Friday called Good? (Reflect on childbirth…it is painful yet the result is wonderful)

Day: Saturday
We wait. Jesus is in the tomb.
Symbol: Question mark.
What happens next? When have you had to wait to see how something turned out? How do you think Jesus friends felt on Saturday?

Day: Sunday
Jesus is risen.
Reading: Mathew 28.1-10
Symbol: Easter egg. Broken in half looks like an empty tomb.
Question: What does Jesus risen mean to you?

We hope these resources are helpful. Have a wonderful Easter,

Faithful Families wishes you and your family a wonderful and inspirational Easter , celebrate well, tell the story well. Our prayer for you and your family is that the truth of the Resurrection might fill your lives with much joy.

(This material is based on and draws from earlier Faithful Families emails by Stephen Harrison and Richard Browning: An Unless Ideas Production.) Unless otherwise noted all material on this blog is copyright Stephen Harrison and Richard Browning

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