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Faithful Families Resources February 19 2012

Weekly Inspiration
“No matter what you've done for yourself or for humanity, if you can't look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?”
~Elbert Hubbard

Family Closeness
Ibble Dibble
You need a felt pen for this game. Everyone gets a number but they don’t have to start at one or be in order.  Someone starts by saying: "Ibble Dibble n umber  # (their number) with no ibble dibbles calling ibble dibble number (choose another persons number) with no ibble dibbles." Then that person must respond and choose another person by saying “ibble dibble number # (whatever number they are) with no ibble dibbles calling ibble dibble number (choose) with no ibble dibbles. If a person makes a mistake then they receive an ibble dibble (a spot mark on their cheek) That person then carries on with “Ibble dibble number # with one ibble dibble calling ibble dibble number # with no ibble dibbles or however many they have)

Questions for stimulating discussion in your family.
  • Are you more like an apple or an orange? Why?
  • What is your favourite thing to think about?
  • Would you rather not be able to laugh or not be able to cry?
With your family read: Mark 1.9-15
Questions for Discussion:
  • Who saw the heavens open and the Spirit descend like a dove?
  • How do you think Jesus felt when he heard what God said to him?
  • What did Jesus say when he came out of the wilderness?
  • What words would you like your parents to say to you?
 About the Bible Bit
What a wonderful affirmation for Jesus to hear his Father say these words to him after his baptism. As soon as Jesus is baptised he is driven by the Holy Spirit to be tested and tempted. In this difficult time, in a difficult place he must rely fully on his Father. When Jesus comes out of the wilderness he begins to preach the good news of God.

Journey through the Bible
Journey through the Bible will provide five readings each week you can use in order to get a good overview of the full sweep of the story of God and His people. There are a variety of ways you might use these readings. As a parent you might read them to get a better understanding of how the divine drama unfolds. You could read them to your children and discuss them. Some are longer than others and might need to be broken up. It is important that you read them first as some readings you may feel need to be read in a children’s version of the Bible.

Psalm 23.1-6                           The Lord is my shepherd
Psalm 51.1-19                         Have mercy on me
Psalm 103.1-22                       Praise the Lord
Proverbs 1.1-4.27                    God’s wisdom
Proverbs 16.1-18.24                Proverbs of Solomon

Prayer and Celebration
Lenten Seasonings
Wednesday 22nd  March is Ash Wednesday, the day marking the beginning of Lent, the forty days preceding Easter Day. This is traditionally a time of repentance (saying sorry and turning from sin). The resources for prayer and celebration for the next six weeks will focus on ways your family might “celebrate” well this season. Lent is a good time to focus on God’s care and provision and on our dependence on him, but also on saying sorry.
There are many ways and patterns of prayer.  Praying with Pat-C-ana is just one [pronounced Patsyanna].  It was originally written by Fr Richard Browning for use by children at church and school. The prayer below can be used as a way of remembering and teaching which finger represents which type of prayers.

From the thumb to little finger
we pray with PAT-C-ANA:
Praise and adoration -
Thank you, thank you.
Confession saying sorry:
its forgiveness that we need.
Asking 'n asking: for others then for me.
From the thumb to little finger
we pray to God the Father.
 The prayers below help to unpack the type of prayer to use with each finger or can be used on their own.
Praying with PAT-C-ANA

Thumb: Praise and adoration
  • Awesome Lord and Father, the earth is yours and all that is in it. You are our God and we are your people;

Index finger: Thanksgiving
  • Thank you for life and love, for a home to live and a family to love.

Middle finger:  Confession
  • Forgive us when we hurt others, and when we offend you. Help us to love like you love us.

Ring finger:  Asking for others
  • We pray for…my family and friends and those that I love.

 Little finger: Asking for me
  • And lastly for me, I place myself into your loving care.Amen.

Family Time Extra
Promise Banner
Each week of Lent create a panel each with a different picture for a wall hanging. This could be done simply on pieces of A4 paper with coloured images or more spectacularly using 50cm square calico, connect each panel together with string so they hang. Each panel will reflect a different story from the Lenten season.
Week 1:           Genesis 9.18-17: Picture: Rainbow
Week 2.           Genesis 17.1-7,15-16 Picture: Footprints
Week 3.           Exodus 20.1-17 Picture: Stone Tablets
Week 4.           Numbers 21.4-9 Picture: Snake on a Stick
Week 5.           Jeremiah 31.31-34 Picture: Heart
Week 6.           Marl 11:7-10. Picture: Palms.
(Seasons of the Spirit 2002) 

(This material is based on and draws from earlier Faithful Families emails by Stephen Harrison & Richard Browning: An Unless Ideas Production.) Unless otherwise noted all material on this blog is copyright Stephen Harrison and Richard Browning

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